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June 2008


Innovative Portable Timer with Alarm Conveniently Tracks Reading Time; Digital Metronome Keeps Kids Practicing on Tempo

CHANDLER HEIGHTS, AZ - The mark-my-time™ digital bookmark and digital metronome have been awarded the 2008 Mr. Dad Seal of Approval Award as part of the Mr. Dad Seal of Approval program.

The Mr. Dad Seal of Approval is an endorsement that carries the powerful credibility of America’s leading authority on successful fatherhood. It was created in response to fathers and families who want products and services that promise to improve family life.

To earn the Mr. Dad Seal of Approval award, a product must help dads get or stay involved with their children, improve the quality of time fathers and children spend together, improve father-child relationships, help dads be better parents and help dads be better partners.

The award-winning mark-my-time digital bookmark is made of durable polyethylene plastic and comes in three hot colors—neon green, neon blue and neon purple. Its slim form fits neatly between the pages of any book. At the top is a digital clock that’s powered by an inexpensive, replaceable watch battery. Parents can choose to set a countdown timer with alarm that alerts students when they have completed their required reading time without them having to ask every two minutes, “Am I done yet?” Or, there is a cumulative timer, ideal for multi-session reading, which tracks total time read throughout the day.

With the mark-my-time for Music digital metronome, music students can record their practice time at the touch of a button. An easy-to-read programmable countdown timer with alarm alerts students when the practice session is over. A cumulative timer is also available for convenient recording of multiple practice sessions. This versatile and portable metronome allows adjustable beat settings of 1 bpm with a range of 40-210 bpm as well as 5 tempo settings. An acoustically pleasing traditional tick tock sound plus flashing indicators allow students to easily keep music pace.

“We are very excited to be recognized by this credible organization. It reinforces that our products are valuable to students and their parents by teaching responsibility,” said Maureen Farinella, founder of mark-my-time.

The mark-my-time digital bookmark is available nationwide at leading bookstores, discount drug chains and wholesale clubs at an average retail price of $8.95. The mark-my-time digital metronome is available for $19.95 through Barnes & Noble. Both the digital bookmark and metronome can be found at

To learn more about the Mr. Dad Seal of Approval, please visit

“This has been such a helpful tool for her because she used to stop reading, pull herself out of the story, just to come and ask me how much longer she had to read, every five minutes! Now she doesn’t need to. This has been an extremely helpful tool in her schooling. I recommend it to everyone and it would make a great stocking stuffer for all the kids on your list!”

—Jennifer, The Dirty t-shirt blogger
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