3D Emoji Booklights


SKU: 7000705

Just in time for the holidays - Mark-My-Time Emoji 3D Booklights!

These new 3D booklights feature a bright 3 LED light on an adjustable arm, an integrated clip to attach the booklight to the pages of your favorite book, and trendy 3D artwork developed in partnership with Artgame and featuring 3D Royce designs!!  They are Convenient -easy to set timer to count down or accumulate reading time, Motivational - encourages kids to read often and independently while helping them to record time for school or library reading logs and Portable - encouraging reading anytime and anywhere with a design that can remain in the book and be “on the go” like you are. Time is stored in the bookmark until you delete it. 

Choose from 3 new images – Rainbow Poop in Space, Snap Filter Emoji's or Spiral Emoji's. All these fun fashion 3D features, plus the homework help timing functions of the original digital bookmark.


  • Cumulative timer that records and stores up to 100 hours
  • Countdown session timer that alarms when you are finished
  • Automatic light shut off when countdown session has ended
  • 60-second fluency timer
  • All batteries included

Take the work out of reading homework logs for your child and send them on nightly reading adventures!

AGES 5 AND UP | Dimensions: 7-1/2" x 2"