Mark-My-Time™ Digital Clip-on Reading Light


SKU: 7000392

Mark-My-Time Digital Clip-on Reading Light
mark-my-time is not just for kids anymore!

Our new Digital Clip-on Reading Light combines all the features needed to monitor and record daily reading minutes and much more. The sleek shape and split rotating light make this clip-on reading light ideal for your favorite paperback or your personal eReader.

Digital clock, countdown timer with alarm, auto light shut-off, cumulative timer storing up to 100 hours, and a 60-second timer accompany a bright LED rotating light to be your all-in-one reading tool. Just right for any low light situation--reading while traveling in a car or on a plane, delivering speeches, making presentations or illuminating sheet music during a performance. It really is the perfect all-in-one solution.

Convenient, portable and educational--Mark-My-Time products are the kid tested and parent approved way to take the work out of reading homework!

AGES 5 AND UP | Dimensions 4” x 2 3/8”