If you experience any problem with your bookmark, booklight or metronome first please try resetting the battery. On the bookmark and metronome, the battery will be just under the back cover. On the booklight product there are separate batteries for the light and timer. Under the back cover, remove and set aside the two light batteries and then remove the second battery by removing the cover secured by two screws to the left of this battery area.

While the batteries are out of the space, adjust the contact bar (the silver bar located on the side wall of the battery well) by gently bending the tips of the silver bar toward the middle of the battery well. After this is done, replace the batteries with the print side facing you and slide the battery toward this contact bar. Secure with the cover and the bookmark, booklight or metronome should emit a tone and the display should appear 12:00

If your light stops working, first check the built in rotation stops. The light head is a sealed unit and should never be taken apart. The light head rotates to the top and to the bottom of a set rotation but does not turn fully in a circle. If your unit turns all the way around in a full circle, the light has been forced past the stops and the wires have been pulled free from the circuit board. Your bookmark will continue to function as a reading timer but the light will no longer work.

If your light is flickering or working intermittently, please adjust the contact bar for the light batteries as explained in the first paragraph and this will correct the problem.

Now get started using your new bookmark or booklight by clicking on the "How to Use" link in the gold column on the left side of this page.

Below are commonly asked questions regarding the operation of the innovative mark-my-time digital bookmark:

How do I change the battery?

On the back of the timer head, locate a sliding door. The door will have an arrow pointing in the direction that the door will slide to expose a button battery (Model LR1130 or equivalent). Use caution and remove the battery from the battery compartment. Replace the existing battery with an LR1130 or equivalent. The (+) sign will face out towards the battery compartment door.

Where can I get a new battery for my mark-my-time digital bookmark?

The LR1130 battery is very common and can be purchased on our site click here or found at Radio Shack, Wal-Mart, online battery retailers and merchants that carry watch and hearing aid batteries.

What happens if the display goes blank?

First reset your mark-my-time digital bookmark by removing and replacing the battery.  Sometimes in transit or with rough handling the battery contacts will shift. Try to re-seat the battery (take it out and put it back by gently pushing it into the battery compartment) multiple times. If that does not work try replacing the battery with a new one.

Does my display ever shut off?

There is no need to ever shut off the display. The bookmark display uses very little power so there is no need to have a shut off switch.

What do I do if my unit does not work when I take it out of the package?

First, check to make sure the plastic pull tab has been pulled out of the battery compartment on the back of the unit. This plastic tab protects the battery and keeps the unit off until it's ready to be turned on. If this does not work, make sure the battery is placed properly in the battery compartment. In packaging or in transit the battery may shift and it may not make proper contact to power the bookmark. Remove the battery and re-seat it, making sure that the [+] sign shows in the battery compartment. Please try this multiple times, each time making sure to replace the battery gently into the compartment.  If the unit still does not work, replace the battery. If all of these steps fail to work, you have a defective unit. If the problem is due to a manufacturer defect we will be happy to cover it per our warranty agreement.

Is there a warranty on the bookmark?  (How do I return a defective unit?)

Mark-my-time, LLC, offers a 90-day from purchase (proof of purchase required) guarantee on its products when purchased from an *authorized retailer or our own online store.  In the event that a unit fails to work due to a manufacturer defect within 90 days of purchase, follow these instructions:

  • View the Troubleshooting Instructions or Video on our website
  • Contact the store where you made the purchase and utilize their return policy OR Email us at support@mark-my-time.com. Describe the problem and any steps you have taken to correct the problem.  Include the color/style of the bookmark and note the name of the store and when the bookmark was purchased.
  • We will respond within 48 hours with further instructions
  • If you choose to use the warranty directly from Mark-My-Time, you will be required to mail the product back to us for service/replacement. We do not cover the cost of postage to send the product back.  We do pay the postage to return the repaired or replaced product to you.  You will be issued a return authorization code which must appear on the outside of the package sent to us.
  • We will send you a repaired or new unit via regular postal mail. No refunds will be issued.

*authorized retailers can be found on our SHOP NOW page in the drop down menu “Find a Local Store”.  Warranty not valid on products purchased from individuals  or non authorized resellers on Amazon.com, Ebay.com, or  closeout purchases from Borders Books & Music/WaldenBooks.

What should I do if I receive a Pay Pal or Shopping Cart error?

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