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Online editors and bloggers alike are talking about the mark-my-time Digital Bookmark and the new mark-my-time Digital Booklight. Here’s what some of them are saying:

Tips to make the back to school transition easier
Real Milwaukee
“Mark-My-Time™ Digital Booklight – Accurately track children’s required reading times to help take the work out of daily reading homework, featuring a LED light, adjustable arm, and integrated clip to attach the bookmark to the book. $15,”

An Easy Way to Track Summer Reading

Good Housekeeping Institute Blog

“The good news: Keeping track of how much they're reading is easy with the Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark. “

A Tool to Help Kids Read
Good Housekeeping Institute Blog

“What with your hectic schedule, it may be hard to keep track of how much time your child is reading.  The Mark-My-Time Booklight can alleviate that problem…As it has an adjustable LED light, the Mark-My-Time Booklight is handy for bus, train, or plane rides or even reading in bed.”

New Device Helps Young Readers Focus
Working’s Daily Solutions Blog

“Your grade schooler is not what you’d call a natural born reader. Getting him to sit still with a book is a struggle. But you’re not giving up the fight. Determined, you require a 30-minue daily dose of reading.  Ease the struggle with the Mark-My-Time digital bookmark.”

Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark - Perfect for Kids (And Parents)
Shopping @

“To say that my oldest daughter is a voracious reader would be putting it lightly…with a busy household, it is sometimes hard for me to keep track of exactly how many minutes she is reading throughout the day. Enter my (and her) new favorite thing. It is a Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark…a dream come true.”

Mark-My-Time is a Fun Way to Keep Them Reading
Hip As I Wanna Be…Review Spot

“I just found these Mark-My-Time digital bookmarks and I adore them! Take it from a mom whose son has an IEP, a tutor and 5 weeks of targeted reading clinics in the summer... these babies are amazing!”

Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark Review
Smart & Trendy Moms

“My kids have to do at least 20 minutes of reading per night for homework, and these bookmarks are perfect for that.”

Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark – Review & Giveaway
Heck of a Bunch

“I've had these bookmarks for a short time and have already found them to be a nice item to have.”

Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmarks
Daddy’s Toy Box

“As parents, we all know and understand the value of reading and now with the Mark My Time Digital Reader, you can now make reading even more enjoyable for your kids.”

Cool for School: Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark
Misfit Momma

“Has your child ever come home with an assignment to read for a certain amount of time? Have you ever had them come to you every two minutes to ask if time was up? If so then Mark-My-Time is here to help! This handy little bookmark has a built in digital timer so that kids can keep track while they read!”

Countdown to Christmas: Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark
Reviews from the Nuthouse

“With fun colors and electronic features, the Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark is a great incentive to get your kids reading. …And not just for kids! I think the Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark would also make great gifts for teachers, to use themselves or in their classrooms!”