Retailer Agreement Letter

Dear Retailer,

Thank you for your interest in our products. The mark-my-time digital bookmark and book light are award winning, patented products designed to help simplify the task of tracking daily reading homework minutes for school. Our products resonate with parents and teachers across the country and we have received numerous awards including, “The Gold Award from the Family Review Center, Teacher’s Choice Award for the Family from Learning Magazine and Kid Product of the Year from Creative Child Magazine.

Mark-My-Time bookmarks are priced to connect easily with your customers at $8.95. Available in both NEON (blue, green and purple) and BRIGHT (red, pink and aqua) assortments, your customer can buy one for each child! We also have two assortments of fun, patterned book lights priced at $14.95 ea in either ANIMAL (zebra, pink leopard, blue snake) or CAMOUFLAGE (green, blue, pink). Our book lights provide all the timing features of our standard bookmark and feature a page clip and adjustable, bright, 3LED bulb light.

With a low minimum commitment of $100.00 (any combination of products can help you meet the minimum) you can start selling one of the hottest gifts in the educational market today. Orders are processed and shipped within 48 hours of receipt and shipped via FedEx Ground. You may provide your own shipping account info to us to bill. Initial orders are paid by credit card and you may submit a credit sheet for approval to be invoiced Net 30. International terms may differ and shipping to Canada, Alaska and Hawaii are best way or freight forwarder. Please check with our accounting office for specific details.

Contact us today and become a retail partner!

Thank you,