Mark-my-time has worked with parent groups, teachers, librarians and literacy consultants to receive objective product reviews. Hear what just a few of these “experts” have had to say about our products.

"I was mesmerized by the idea of a bookmark that could actually track reading time. Not only does it give parents a concrete tool for tracking reading time, but it communicates to the child that reading is a priority. Kids need to see their accomplishments. The digital bookmark provides a symbol of an accomplishment. It gives readers—especially those who are less motivated—the idea that this something they can do. That makes them more enthusiastic about reading and allows them to take responsibility for their own reading accomplishments. Since the timer is not distracting, kids are able to do more concentrated reading. They don’t have to wonder how much longer they need to read."

Mary Howard, Ed.D
National Literacy Consultant

"This is a fabulous gadget. This product is a keeper! I think mark-my-time is a great tool for helping children manage homework assignments, lesson practices and anything else you need to put a set amount of time on…Pick one up today!"

Reviewed by Mom Blog

"The mark-my-time Digital Bookmark is a dream come true…Both of my daughters have been commenting how much they love them. This is the perfect gift to give the child who has everything!"

Marquette at AOL Shopping “Trends and Advice — Kids’ Center”

"As parents, we all know and understand the value of reading and now with the mark-my-time Digital Reader, you can make reading even more enjoyable for your kids. Monitoring reading times has never been easier…this is a truly great item."

Daddy’s Toy Box Blog

mark-my-time is here to help! This handy little bookmark has a built in digital timer so that kids can keep track while they read! My oldest son loves reading so it is never a problem with him, but my younger son will avoid it as much as possible. He is more about gadgets and numbers so as soon as he saw me take this out of its shipping envelope and found out what it was he claimed it! Anything that gets him away from video games gets an A+ in my book!

Misfit Momma Blog